Investigative & Decision


for 2024 and beyond

Connect the dots and discover the facts

Investigative Intelligence Analytics is the kind of tools and techniques that focus on determining the facts - a key activity to uncover illicit activities, perform due diligence, or simply understand complex scenarios.

Our Octostar goal is to provide the world's best platform for Investigative Intelligence platform.

For this activity, the Octostar Platform integrates: 

360 degrees Search (Semantic/federated/Multimodal)) 
Link charts, Interactive DASHBOARDS, geospatial
Alerting and Anomaly detection
APP ecosystem

To augment decision makers (and to automate when possible)

Decision Intelligence, comes just after establishing the facts. It's about providing decision makers with the best reports, simulations and AI advice to go beyond data driven decisions into intelligence driven decisions.

For this activity, the Octostar platform integrates:

Risk & Value modelling
Predictive analytics
AI classification and copilot

Across the Investigative and Decision intelligence market

The Octostar base Platform is enhanced with APPs for domain specific capabilities. Furthermore, custom APPs can create 1-click or 0-click investigation and decision workflows that uniquely fit your time-sensitive need.

Law Enforcement

Octostar empowers law enforcement investigations with its advanced platform, providing powerful data extraction, AI assistance, and comprehensive analytics for efficient and effective crime-solving.

National security: SIGINT, OSINT, CYBER

Octostar empowers intelligence agencies with its cutting-edge capabilities, enabling them to extract critical intelligence from intercepted signals, uncover hidden connections, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of national security.

KYC / AML / Fraud Detection

Octostar's advanced features, including powerful data extraction, AI-driven analysis, and real-time visualizations, equip organizations with the tools needed to proactively detect and combat fraud, safeguarding financial integrity and protecting against fraudulent activities.


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