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Introducing the Octostar Platform - Investigative and Decision intelligence for 2024 and beyond

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November 10, 2023
Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of Octostar and its main offering, the Octostar Platform. Before we explore the details: why introduce a new player in Investigative Intelligence?

Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of and its main offering, the Octostar Platform 🚀.

Our mission at Octostar is to deliver the world's premier platform for Investigative and Decision Intelligence – a truly modern software, purpose-built to set a new standard in effectiveness and convenience in this field.

Before we explore the details, let me address an important question:

Why introduce a new player in this domain?

Reflecting on my past role and activity in this field, I could have comfortably moved on, knowing that I and the teams I built have already significantly impacted some of the world's most influential Investigative Organizations, reinforcing both national security and the corporate sector.

However, after a brief pause, I found myself considering two important realities.

On the one hand, the global need for increasingly powerful security software is definitely apparent. The world has not become any 'safer' recently, with intensifying polarization and increasingly sophisticated malicious actors who will not hesitate adopting ever-more advanced technologies.

On the other hand, there are radically new opportunities for an exciting and fundamentally new offering. Much more scalable, flexible, responsive and ultimately user friendly software can now be created with technological breakthroughs including backends like Clickhouse, AI, low code data science tools, recent web/devop innovations and others.

So, today, joined also by exceptional colleagues like co-founder Varun Sharma (principal engineer, formerly Indeed and Siren), Fabio Corneti (formerly Siren VP of Engineering), and new exceptional co-founders Simone Scarduzio (Founder of ReadonlyREST security) and Robert Fuller (principal engineer with decades of user impacting software), and along with an extended co-founding team we are proud to introduce our Octostar Platform.

Based on an exciting set of core innovations, we and our partners firmly believe it will be quickly recognized as an unprecedentedly attractive tool in this market.

Interested? Stay updated and follow the roll-out of Octostar’s capabilities as we approach the end of 2023 and beyond:

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Giovanni Tummarello
Founder - CEO, CPO