Built for 2024 and beyond:
Our 8 innovation pillars

An Operating System for Investigators and Decision makers

An intuitive, daily environment where data, media, documents, third-party datasources are fused and analyzed collaboratively with peers and AI:

For analysts - Move away from disconnected software, to an integrated environment with interoperating, domain specific APPs

Decision Makers - Get great reports and be alerted, get meaningful summaries and analytics. Get risk scoring and review past cases discussing with AIs.

Petabyte scale

Octostar is the first Investigative Intelligence platform purpose built to leverage the extraordinary capabilities of modern SQL-based datalakes like Clickhouse.

The platform offers federation options, also known as virtual knowledge graph, to operate across dozens of industry-leading SQL and NoSQL databases.

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Virtual knowledge graph

No need to copy all your data into graph databases: simply keep your data in well-known, ultra-scalable backends such as Clickhouse yet get the benefit of a full semantic data structure, with the Octostar Ontology or your own defined data model.

Supports multiple inheritances, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships, graph algorithms, traversal queries, and more.

Groundbreaking UI/UX

A truly innovative UX/UI experience:

- The world's first investigative system with browser based multi-screen support (e.g.  multi-screen/multi-window drag-and-drop capabilities.)

- Dedicated folder structure per investigation, with group and individual user sharing. Upload terabytes of media, get insights from AI

- Collaboratively create and share Link Charts, Textual Reports, record collections, visual diagrams and more.

- Use AI or Manually interconnect and comment on any object within Octostar.

Osint & 3rd parties data on demand

Which 3rd party data vendor can tell you more about your target?

Octostar features an on-demand semantic driver mechanism by which any 3rd party dataset can be leveraged immediately. Access a wide range of OSINT, Mobile ADINT, FININT, CYBER data providers, or easily adapt existing drivers to your own specific datasources.

Just right mouse click on a record and enhance on demand with unprecedented ease.

Collaboration and workflow

Share investigations and resources per role or per specific user. Collaboratively edit, comment, tag, interlink anything to anything, both within and across investigations.

Create stunning reports with a single click, producing ad hoc PDFs, Word, office files and more.

Automatically interpret textual reports to create Link Charts, and utilize AI to generate summaries and reports, facilitating the onboarding of new investigators and supporting junior resources.

APPs: to do exactly what you need

Replace disconnected products with interoperable OCTOSTAR APPS


- SIGINT: Event-Based Analysis - Locates individuals across multiple sites using geolocation data (mobile, vehicle, IP, ADINT).
- Media Analysis - Utilize face recognition and other multimedia AI for automatic linking and insights.
- Auto Graph Generation - An APP designed to kickstart link chart analysis from your specific types of incoming reports.
- Vetting and Background Checks - Runs vetting workflows on groups of individuals, with alerts for status changes.

Deployed in hours

Thanks to Kubernetes, it only takes hours to deploy in any of your controlled space on public clouds, or in your own private cloud or bare metal machines...

or get it fully managed on octostar.cloud


Experience it yourself

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