Why partner with Octostar

It's simple: if there is one thing that most of your Investigative Customers have in common is that... they all differ!

Thank to its Open architecture and APP ecosystem, Octostar allows solution partners to provide unprecendeted level of customization and personalization of the Investigative and Decision intelligence experience.

Build solutions that can be as simple as 1-click or 0-click also building on the right existing echosystem of Octostars AI modules, APPs and 3rd party partner data providers.

Solution partners

Work with Octostar and with your Customers to deliver bespoke Investigative Intelligence solutions which are also flexible and future proof.

Operationalize Octostar Deployments to provide APIs that power automated and semi-automated decision making processes.

Provide your data via Octostar

Do you have amazing data, which brings value in Investigative and Intelligence use cases?

Work with us and we'll help you deliver your data within the Octostar echosystem.

Unlike other solutions, often only targeted at a narrow gap of specialists, Octostar reaches decision makers and high value use cases.

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