About Octostar

Our mission is to empower investigators by providing the World’s Most Advanced and Adaptable Intelligence Platform.

With AI the technological capabilities are accelerating at an unbelievable speed.
At the same time, unfortunately, the World is at risk of becoming more fragmented and dangerous.
Bad actors continuously change their approaches and methods and polarized views cause extremes to become even more dangerous.
We believe the time is *now* to empower eligible Organizations with a radically more manageable and flexible approach to Investigative and Decision intelligence

A journey of innovation, thought leadership and relentless commitment

Founded in 2023, Octostar represents the coming together of decades of expertise in Analytics, Information Retrieval, AI, Knowledge Graphs, Application Development, and Investigative Intelligence use cases serving Intelligence Agencies, Financial organizations, Law Enforcements and non profit organizations for the past 10+ years.

Founders: Dr. Giovanni Tummarello (formerly Founder at Siren.io , Spaziodati.eu) founders include Robert Fuller (formerly University of Ireland Galway, Applepie solutions founder), Simone Scarduzio ( readwriteRest founder) and Varun Sharma (formerly Siren.io)

Co-Founding team: Federico Kratter (UX - Frontend), Valerio Tonelli (Data Science)

Senior Advisory: Fabio Corneti (formerly Siren.io VP of Engineering), Francesco Danza, John O'Sullivan,  Claudia and Jochen Krassin

Our company culture

A great journey starts with great alignment of core values

Innovation, Excellence and Pragmatism

Octostar values embraces a culture of innovation, an aspiration and celebration of Excellence, mitigated by the pragmatism required to have timely real world impact.

Integrity and Trust

We prioritize integrity, adhering to ethical standards and complying with US and EU export control regulations. We build trust with customers, partners, and employees through transparent, mutually beneficial business practices.

Customer Success

We are driven by a relentless focus on customer success which is in full alignment with our mission and the reason why this company was started.

Respectful focus, Openness and Long term view

We believe in respecting all, while maintaining focus and governance required to achieve our mission. We believe the game is non zero sum and that long term benefits are obtained trough reputation and collaboration better than a secretive culture.


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