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Ready to go 🚀: Octostar 1.0 to be unveiled at ISS World Prague (June 4-5, 2024)

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May 14, 2024
We are excited to announce that Octostar 1.0 will be unveiled at ISS World Prague, June 4-6, 2024. The world first APP Based Investigative and Decision intelligence environment - for 2024 and beyond.

Ready to Go 🚀: Unveiling Octostar 1.0 at ISS World Prague (June 4-6, 2024)

We are excited to announce that Octostar 1.0 will be unveiled at ISS World Prague from June 4-6, 2024.

Why does this matter?

As global complexities increase, the need for robust, scalable solutions that adapt rapidly and deliver precision in high-stakes environments also grows.

Octostar has been designed and built to be the best Investigative and Decision-Intelligence platform. Anywhere. We’re redefining the standard for AI-assisted comprehensive data fusion and user environments, providing out-of-the-box interoperable tools for All-Int scenarios, including OSINT, SIGINT, ADINT, HUMINT, FININT, Cyber, and more.

Exploring and building investigation specific data - as well as leveraging big  data - all in the same platform.

Key Innovations of Octostar 1.0:

Modern APP-based desktop and mobile OS: Investigators and operators will find a familiar APP-based Operating System feel. APPs provide intuitive workflows and interfaces for specific tasks such as:

  • Document and media analysis with AI (e.g., audio transcription, AI-powered search, question answering, Mobile AD Intelligence)
  • OSINT and comprehensive social media monitoring with alerting
  • SIGINT analysis (e.g., locating suspect devices that have been in multiple places or detecting meetings between devices)
  • Risk scoring given complex, organization-editable logics and explainable AI
  • Suspect and target profile validated data entry and automatic enhancement data analysis.
  • Organizational workflow (e.g., internal service or information requests)
  • Link charts and Maps
  • Interactive dashboard and custom entity and datasets templates for the most helpful task specific views.
  • State of the art search capabilities - AI powered and with instant drill downs.
  • ...and many more, which can be created independently by the target organization thanks to well-known, community-driven tools requiring no professional development capabilities.

Humans collaborate (with each other and with AIs): Collaboration is at the center of the Octostar experience, with comments and tags that can be applied to local and remote data alike, along with a large set of AIs pervasive across activities:

  • Ask any question on any record, file, or investigation
  • Automatic state-of-the-art content understanding: audio and video transcriptions, image understanding and tagging, video processing, face search, document entity extraction, and linking
  • Automatic graph creation, automatic report creation

Virtual Knowledge Graph data fusion: This technology transforms existing databases and remote data sources into live graph data structures without the need for ETL, data copying, or migrations, enabling intricate data relationships to be explored with unprecedented ease and speed.

From a few records to national security-scale Big Data in the same tool: Built leveraging modern innovations in Big Data real-time analytics, Octostar is not only capable of PB-scale analysis but also uniquely allows precise authoring and uploading of local files, local records, and access to remote data, all of which can be used seamlessly alongside very large data repositories.

Modern and flexible deployment: deploy it on premises in minutes in any public or private Kubernetes based environment or use our managed saas offering

At Octostar, we are not just launching a product; we are advocating a shift towards more intelligent, responsive, and user-centered intelligence platforms - built to serve the needs of those on the front lines of decision-making and investigative operations, to address with an unprecedented flexibility the ever evolving landscape of challenges. 

From the get-go, Octostar 1.0 is capable of not only meeting the current demands of national security and corporate intelligence but also anticipating future challenges.

We look forward to demonstrating how Octostar 1.0 can be a game-changer for your organization in 2024 and beyond.

Octostar at ISS World Prague (Exibition booth 62)

Meet the Octostar team in Prague, at booth 62 and don't miss the first European Octostar presentation by Octostar CEO and Chief Product Officer Dr. Giovanni Tummarello:

Octostar: introducing the modern, APP-based Operating System for all-int, all-data Investigations
Track 2: LEA, Defense and Intelligence Analyst Product Presentations (Tuesday, 4 June 2024 09:25-10:15) Session C